Cat for warming pads
  • Cat for warming pads - multicoloured

Cat for warming pads

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When the little ones are tweaked and twitchy, the cuddly warming cushions in animal form can work wonders. After a short stay in the microwave, they give off pleasantly comfortable warmth for a long time, so that the belly aches disappear very quickly. The little guys can also cool down if they need to, just put them in the fridge for a while. Microwave heating 1 minute at max. temperature 600 watts. Shake warm pillow and check warms. Heating in the oven max. Ten minutes at 80°C. If the warm pillow becomes too hot, allow it to cool down before use._x000D_ Tested for harmful substances (OEKO-TEX®, A08-0261 Hohenstein HTTI,


Merk MBW
Gewicht 64 g
Materiaal material: polyester_x000D_ filling: polyester fibers
Kleur multicoloured
Afmeting length: 8,50 cm_x000D_ width: 18,50 cm_x000D_ height: 28 cm
Artikelnummer 271153
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